Lessons to learn…

Dear reader, it’s been one heck of a journey since my last blog!  Having embarked on a path with Goddess I have discovered that it is not all twinkles and fairy dust.  Don’t get me wrong there are times that have been wonderful and amazing, there have also been times when I seriously thought I […]


What a time, autumn equinox, super moon, blood moon goodness knows what else, its all very confusing. Confusing you say, how so?  Energies, huge shifts in energies, everyone complaining of not sleeping, head aches, feeling tired etc, etc. but suggest that it has anything to do with lunar events and everyone thinks your…well a luny. […]

The Lady of Avalon

She appears in the curling mists of dawn, Her shape shifts within the violet gauze, hypnotizing, beautiful, shimmering with every unspoken sign, muting into whatever She wills, whatever She perceives we need, Maiden, Mother,Crone, all are large within her, hidden, yet seen in everything, felt within ourselves as the moving of time, in the awaiting of a destiny unknown, […]

What it’s all about

It has been pointed out to me, by a very dear friend, that it might be an idea to explain the reasons for writing about the things I write about, if that makes sense. If you have read my previous blog ‘Long time no blog’ you will know that I spent many years seeking the ‘other’. […]

Seeing the signs

The words ‘words are not always needed’ may seem odd on a site that’s all about using words.  Sometimes though, through all the hustle and bustle of life, we miss things that could make our lives easier to understand. Often I here people say ‘ everything is a battle these days, a bit of help […]

The Sapling

The tiniest of saplings is mighty in its quest, its roots reach down into the very essence of life,finding nurture not just in water and earth, but from the eternal spring of Spirit Mother that flows through every place that exists. She creates and sustains all things. tiny sapling knows that as his roots reach […]